Please note   the portion sizes should be as follows:

v     Nuts/seeds – 50 g

v     Berries – ½ cup

v     Vegetables – half a dinner plateful

v     Where milk is suggested, substitute soya or oat milk if intolerant to dairy.

v     Water intake should be at least one litre per day – more on hot days, during physical activity or if working in a warm room.

v     Recipes marked * may be found in my book ….. "But I haven’t got time to Cook!”

v     If ingredients listed are contraindicated for your individual regime, please substitute the nearest permitted food.

  Day 1
Breakfast:       Blender breakfast* or porridge with berries or chopped pear, a sprinkle of seeds, and milk.

Lunch:            Apple and tuna salad with 3 oatcakes   

Dinner:           Steamed vegetables with meat or tofu and 70g basmati or brown rice.

Snacks:           Piece of fruit with pumpkin seeds/2 oatcakes with hummus

Drinks:           Unlimited water, herbal teas and coffee substitutes (not decaf), plusone glass of diluted juice.

Day 2
Tofu smoothie* or Mega Muesli* soaked overnight

Lunch:             Salmon or cheese sandwich with green salad

Dinner:           Chicken or meat curry (Curry in a Hurry*) with 70g basmati or brown rice and steamed vegetables

Snacks:           Apple with sunflower seeds/cottage, or tofu cottage cheese* with berries.

Drinks:           Unlimited water, green tea, herbal teas, coffee substitutes, plus one glass of diluted juice.

Day 3
Blender breakfast* or yoghurt and fruit

Lunch:Beanie Soup* or bean salad with 2 oatcakes and mixed salad

Dinner:           Pasta with meat or Celery and Almond* sauce.

Snacks:           Punnet of strawberries/thin slice of rye bread with almond or peanut butter.

Drinks:           Unlimited water, green and herbal teas, coffee substitutes and one glass diluted juice.

Day 4
Breakfast:      Blender breakfast* or millet porridge with ½ cup berries or one chopped piece of fruit.

Lunch:             50g basmati or brown rice with Crunchy Peanut Dressing* (or substitute almond butter) and a large green salad.

Dinner:           Tuna steak with quinoa and rocket and watercress salad

Snacks:           An apple and 5 almonds/2 oatcakes with peanut or almond butter

Drinks:           Unlimited water, green and herbal teas, coffee substitutes and one diluted fruit juice.

Day 5
Breakfast:      Blender Breakfast* or The Energy Breakfast*

Lunch:             Nutty Lentil Pate* or Tofu, tuna and anchovy pate*

Dinner:           Piperade* with 70g kumara and steamed vegetables

Snacks:           5 walnuts and an apple/2 oatcakes with hummus

Drinks:           Unlimited water, green and herbal teas, coffee substitutes,diluted fruit juice.

Day 6          
Breakfast:      Rice porridge with ground almonds and milk

Lunch:              Avocado pate salad or smoked salmon/mussels and green salad

Dinner:           Liver in orange sauce* or Fish casserole*, 70g pasta shells and steamed vegetables.

Drinks:           Unlimited water, green and herbal teas, coffee substitutes, diluted fruit juice.

Day 7          
Breakfast:       Blender breakfast or scrambled egg with one thin slice toast

Lunch:            Stuffed peppers with green salad

Dinner:           Traditional Cassoulet*, steamed vegetables, 2 small potatoes.

Drinks:           Unlimited water, green or herbal teas, coffee substitutes, diluted fruit juice.

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