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With hindsight, I realize that I first encountered the effects of hypoglycemia at first hand as a child.  My normally mild-mannered father would become quite nasty if his meal was not virtually on the table when he came home at 6.00 pm. –- and he always had a voracious appetite in spite of being so slim that people accused my mother of not feeding him properly.  Years later, while driving round London with three friends, looking for a restaurant of which we all approved, I remember finally almost jumping out of the car before it stopped and yelling “I don’t care what they serve, I’m going in here”.  It turned out to be Mexican, which I don’t particularly like, but I just had to eat.

6/10/2008 08:30:37

Hi Liz
I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia but it was never explained to me so thank you. If I am late eating I get extra hungry and then don't seem to know when to stop eating as it doesn't seem to satisfy me. Is this normal?

6/16/2008 15:27:38

Hi Libby

Yes, this is entirely normal. By the time you get to eat, your blood glucose has already dropped pretty low. Then when you do eat, you expect it to rise immediately, but this is not so. The food you eat needs to be digested and the process of digestion takes some energy, thereby depleting your already low blood glucose and sending your body into panic mode.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with hypoglycaemia should always have a little snack tucked away for emergencies - a pack of nuts with a few raisings is just perfect.

6/23/2008 19:33:36

great post on hypoglycemia!


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